A modified version of massage used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which uses small cups to create gentle pressure between the cup and skin to help reduce rigid soft tissue, drain excess fluids and toxins.  It lifts the connective tissues to increase blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.

I am a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner specializing in treatment for people with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, tension headaches, scar tissue, pelvic problems, backaches, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow or injuries such as whiplash, sprains, pulled muscles. Tired of always being in pain, COME GET SOME RELIEF. I incorporate several modalities, plus cupping and muscle stimulation to help you reach your wellness goals. Check with your insurance carrier, some do cover Prescribed Medical Massage, either way I'm here to help.
This bodywork is a therapeutic technique used to reduce or eliminate bodily pain and discomfort.  This technique often goes very deep into musculoskeletal tissue; however the term 'deep' mostly refers more to its penetrating effects.  Deep Tissue is designed to relieve muscles of scarring and adhesions that cause pain and limited range of motion, reduce pain and swelling after injury, and increase ease and range of motion.
A large number of athletes (competitive and weekend warriors) are incorporating Sports Massage into their regimen.  The benefits include improved circulation, flexi- bility and range of motion, decreased recovery time from competition and training, injury prevention, increased muscular efficiency and increased physical awareness derived from anatomical and functional education.
This is a technique specifically aimed at facilitating positive change within the connective tissue in the body known as fascia.  Fascia thickens and forms adhesions when there is trauma caused by repetitive motion or injury. Healthy, flexible fascia means better circulation, better tissue nutrition, and better movement within the body and muscles systems.  Poor function will cause pain and stiffness.
This is a manual approach to the treatment of numerous pain and injury conditions previously treated with conven-tional, medical methods.  Whether you are suffering from whiplash, a sprained ankle, tennis or golfers elbow, many types of impingement syndromes or any type of tendonitis Orthopedic Massage is often a holistic alternative to pills, injections or surgery.
This massage is to ease the discomfort and increase the enjoyment of pregnancy.  Prenatal Massage is designed to aid with sleep, digestion, physical pains, and trimester specific issues.  Work ranges from light to medium pressure and focuses on such problems as swelling, sciatic pain, and low back pain.
While Swedish Massage has some commonly recognized therapeutic effects, it is generally know as relaxation massage.  Each session begins with long, gliding strokes to help improve circulation and warm up the tissue for deeper strokes, while you slowly drift off into a state of relaxation.  
This style of massage in which water heated stones are placed at specific sites on the client's body to promote relaxation and help open up the meridians, energy pathways.  Muscles are penetrated with the heated stones to allow the therapist to more easily perform deep tissue manipulations.  Massage oils used for this treatment.
Body Harmony Therapeutic Massage will come to your office, health facilities, event or fundraiser, to provide chair massage sessions ranging from 10 to 20 minutes.
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